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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Christoph Bezemek (Universität Graz: Dean of the Faculty of Law) 
Opening Remarks

Panel 1: Religion, State, and Secularization 

1. Kristina Stoeckl (Universität Innsbruck)
Recontesting Secularism in Europe: The Role of Orthodox Christianity

2. Eileen Barker (LSE)
Protection or Persecution? The State, the Law, and Minority Religions

3. Alessandro Ferrari (University of Insubria)

Religious Diversity, Religious Freedom and Secularism: what the European veil(s) reveal(s)

Chair: Joseph Marko

Panel 2: Multiculturalism and Fundamentalisms

1. Rüdiger Lohlker (Universität Wien)
Islamic Fundamentalism Revisited - beyond Islamism, Extremism, and Political Islam

2. Tariq Modood (University of Bristol)
Multiculturalising Secularism

3. Katharina Limacher (Universität Wien)
Fundamentalisms old and new? Inter-denominational alliances in a New Christian Right in Austria

Chair: Franz Winter

Panel 3: Religion, Conflict, and Transnational Relations

1. Patrice Brodeur (University of Montreal & KAICIID Wien)
The contemporary transnational geopolitics of interreligious dialogue

2. Carlo Aldrovandi (Trinity College Dublin)
The transnational ramifications of the Temple Mount & Haram al-Sharif Dispute: Muslim and Christian Evangelical Perspectives

3. Mikhail Antonov (HSE St. Petersburg)
Russian conservatism and human rights in Europe

Chair: Maximilian Lakitsch

Panel 4: Islamic Concepts of Law and Politics

1. Jocelyne Cesari (University of Birmingham)
Beyond the State Law versus God’s Law dilemma: A genealogical approach to Islamic concepts of Law, politics and sovereignty

2. Dino Abazovic (University of Sarajevo)
Historicizing the Secularization Debate: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a Country in Transition

3. Ahmet Kuru (San Diego State University)
Ideological Struggles and Religious Diversity: Western and Muslim Countries

Chair: Joseph Marko

Friday, December 3, 2021

Panel 5: Gender and Religion

1. Dina El Omari (Universität Münster)
To whom belongs the female body? Critical reflections on male authority over the female body

2. Henriette Dahan Kalev (Ben Gurion University)
Canon and Tradition Transitions - The Case of Gender in Israel

Chair: Kerstin Wonisch

Panel 6: Religion and Education

1. Zekirija Sejdini (Universität Wien/Innsbruck)
The pluralistic society as a challenge for Islamic education - an Austrian example

2. Mohammed Abu-Nimer (American University Washington & KAICIID Wien)
IRD in a pandemic reality – between priority and luxury

3. Manfred Pirner (Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Human Rights and Religious Education in Pluralistic Societies. Re-visiting John Rawls and Jürgen Habermas

4. Andrea Lehner-Hartmann (Universität Wien)
The question of truth within the context of (religious) plurality: a challenge for religious education

Chair: Wolfgang Weirer

Concluding Remarks

Univ.-Prof.i.R. Dr.iur.

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